Story #84

A really sweet thing happened to me a year ago. As is characteristic in the city of London, it was utterly chucking it down. As is hugely ironic, despite being a Londoner since the inception of my life, I have never owned an umbrella. As such, I decided to brave the weather and walk through the rainy season. Just as I left the safety of shelter, a dapping young man came up to me, placing a huge umbrella over both of us. He offered me shelter. We began to talk and talk, about everything and nothing. I have never felt a spark like that with anyone. It felt like we had a kinship; like he could see into the depths of my soul. He has inspired my recent collection of poetry. He walked me right to a wonderfully quaint coffee shop in the heart of the city: the Bloomsbury Coffee House. He had a fresh brew and I had a caramel latte. We have been together since. Fingers crossed we stick it out.