Story #77

A nautilus was once jealous of the mighty Krakken for his gigantic mass of destructive power. The nautilus, too, wanted to be a lord of the sea, a thought in the minds of sailors that made them shudder.

As he grew, he used numbers and math to create the toughest shell possible, capable of withstanding even the toughest attacks. He fed on all that swam below him as he sank to the bottom of the ocean, gaining the strength and courage in battle of all he faced. He started brawls in all of the Atlantis bars during his stay there. Never had a nautilus been so fierce.

He passed the sunken wreckage of an ancient naval battle fought by the Elder gods and repurposed the golden swords, shields, and spears to be an armor of legendary arms.

Through the last of the descent the water grew dark and started to heat. Where the heat was thickest there was a red light and a torrent of bubbles could be heard.

Longing for last light, the nautilus swam towards the red aura. Slowing as he approached, he was able to discern a deep ravine and out of it seemed to be emerging some massive being.

The nautilus, now legendary in stature, roared with the delight of battle as he grabbed a few of the weapons on his shell with various tentacles and swam at what must be the Krakken.

The Krakken responded with godly fury, eyes full of fire. They meet with golden blade against sucker and beak against shielded shell. The winner would be the king of the sea, feared by all. But the fight continues to this day, and is fated to end on a full moon, when the tide is high.

The oracle speaks that the nautilus will someday win. And that the sea will overtake the land, bringing all under the nautilus’s domain. But for now? It is just a little myth.