Story #76 – My husbands first Father’s Day

We drove up to Vanderbelt mansion in Hyde Park, New York and sat in the back, along the cliff over looking the Hudson River and the mountains. The sun was about to set, so the sky began to grow pinkish tones., the grass was green, and the trees that covered the mountains ahead were full and bright. We had a special picnic set up to celebrate my husbands first Father’s Day. I wanted it to be something he remembered, no regular trip to a restuarant, or even the usual home cooked meal at the table. My daughter is to young to make him something, but what I planned turned out perfect, homemade, but out of the house– which we all begged for after the oddly cold past few days.

He (my husband is 28 years old, fair skin, blue eyes with short brown hair, he is tall and thin(ish)) he wore a white button down shirt, with blue stripes and had the sleeves rolled up, with matching blue shorts. I wore a pair of dark skinny jeans, a long sleeve long button down top, and a navy blue hijab (Muslim head scarf) that draped around my head, falling along my chest, perfectly placed around my face (I am 25 years old, not tall nor short, and thinish) and than there is the munchkin– it was my husbands first Father’s Day, but it was her first time enjoying the great outdoors after a brutal winter. She, only three months old, petite however with chippy cheeks that you just want to bite, wore a bright blue dress to match her bright blue eyes, that flew in the wind… She loves the wind blowing at her, and it made her smile and giggle. She wore a white elastic head band with a small white flower, in her hardly there light brown hair.

We set up our blanket along the grass, sat playing with her and making her giggle as we ignored our pasta salad and sandwiches preferring to watch her curiously looking around in amazement, and giggling at us making fools of ourselves in public as we try to make her laugh repeatedly. We took turns snapping photos of each other in pure enjoyment with our daughter. It was a beautiful day, a day that although was not considered for me, was for me– because seeing my daughter and husband smiling and enjoying themselves is all I ever want to see. My dream of having a family has started, this chapter in our story has begun… And I can’t wait to enjoy every moment of this story we are living together.