Story #357

It was a cold night in January 1982.. We had been waiting and waiting for the train, soon we understod the train was never coming. We sat down on a cold bench at the station, I picked up my book and started reeading.. My friend look over and asked me

– Do you always read? She said.

– I always do, it keeps my mind of reality.. I said back.

– Reality? Just live life. Soon enough it’s all gone and then you have waisted your life at just wainting and wondering. She said with a straight face.

Far away we could hear a train, it sounded like it was about to breake soon. My friend looked at the direction we heard the broken train, she picked up her bag and walked to the end of the platform. I put down my book in my bag and just looked into blank space.

– Let’s go, the train is here! My friend said and shaked me.

– Oh yes of course I said and was putting my book in my bag while walking.

I went into the train and followed my friend, we sat down on a 2-seat bench and I was just about to pull out my book when my friend hold my hand and said:

– Don’t.. Please, you don’t need your book. You have me! Be social, I know what has happend, you don’t need to run away from it.
I put down my book slowy into my bag again and looked tat her..

– Did I ever do something wrong? I said while looking at the ground.

– You never did.. It’s okay, I’m here for you. That was her last sentence before the train crashed. We live in heaven now, and it’s so much better here..

– Tilde Molén, Nordmaling