Story #335

When I was about six years old,I was crazy about playing cards,and I was very good at playing it.It’s a very simple game in my hometown.This game’s rule is easy:use your card to hit another’card,if your card make another’s card turn over,then you win.

Once,I played this game with my friend.But she was not good at playing this game,so I won all of her cards just for a while.When the game finished,I had full satisfaction for I won all of her cards.But I saw the deep sadness in her eyes.She asked me to return her cards back so we could play one more game.But I refused her because I was so selfish at that time.

People’s feelings change with the circumstances.I felt very very regret as soon as I recalled this thing.I really what to say sorry to her but I don’t have chance today.

– Tang Hao, Jilin, Songyuan, China