Story #333

One evening, a worker working for the construction site nearby walked into my cafe. When he camehe ride the bicycle. It seemed like he had a long time determination to walk in. He said to me he want to try a cup of coffee of our shop. He looked the menu for 1 minute and say:“please do me an caffe Americano.(Note:cafe Americano is the cheapest one of the coffee in the menu). He determined so quickly that I feel a little conflicted. On one hand,I was worried about caffe Americano too bitter for him and destroyed the good feeling of coffee in his mind. On the other hand, I felt it’s not polite to ask him whether he drunk  coffee often and used to the taste and I think it will make him embarrassed. So I asked him if he like sweet drinks and like coffee with milk. He said yes. So I knew that what is really suited for him is Caramel Latte.

I don’t know it’s the coffee or his good mood that day make him so happy.

After a cup of coffee he became so happy and chatty. He began to tell us a lot about family issues,about his son, about his wife in hometown. He thought although his work take him so much time and tired.But his salary can be paid on time. Afterward, maybe because in such a unfamiliar city he find some familiar feeling and heart-warming feeling that he began to sing folk songs of his hometown. This is really a very touching moment. I feel that a man over his 50 years of his life he get up the courage to walk into a cafe and drink his first cup of coffee.

Maybe most of his life filled with work and support his family and left little time enjoying himself. But that day at this special evening he enjoyed himself and we became close to each other without distance and heart-warming and understanding each other~

– Freda Wong, Shenzhen