Story #314

I am about to turn 13 years old. My parents split up 2 years ago and now they are fighting for custody over my sister and I. I know what I want. I want to live with my Mum, the person who understands me, who loves me, who looks after me. But how can I say that without hurting my father, the man who doesn’t know me, who loves his girlfriend more than me, who scares me. I am writing this because there is no one I can tell, no one I can go to, and I need to tell someone.

Whenever someone complains about how strict their parents are, or how embarrassing they are, I just want to scream at them “At least they live together! At least you are not stuck in the middle of a constant battle! At least you know that your dad loves you!”

Occasionally it all overwhelms me and I cry. I know that I’m not the only one with split parents, but whenever I see a happy family with two parents at the park, or the museum, or the beach, a jolt of jealousy runs through me, and I resent them and their happiness. Because it just doesn’t seem fair. Why my parents, why my family? Why not theirs? And then I feel ashamed. It’s not their fault my parents don’t love each other. It’s not their fault I come from a split household. It’s not their fault my dad doesn’t want me.

C.A.T, Cristchurch