Story #305

I was sitting on my couch, just thinking of how I totally ruined my entire life by not getting married. I was about to turn 31 next month and my mom pretends that i’m one of her tenants ,  seems like i totally lost my value in that house . The house was becoming strange to me just because I wanted to marry someone i love not the one my parents love.

The other day when I got into an argument with my mom about some minor stuff , i finally decided to end that up right there and leave that house on my parent’s conditions

Remembering the day when  I was 19 , wishing  to marry my prince charming and with just one blink of an eye turned 30, getting ready in my room to marry someone i barely know about. Only thing i care about now is that my parents are satisfied enough and i’m gonna leave that house.

I am so ready to walk down my wedding mandap , i can see the happy faces , A man is standing right in front of me

now, i took my first step in my new house which was not lesser strange. the next morning, when i woke up in a very spooky environment i can hear the voice of my mother-in-law calling me out from the living room, i rushed towards her as she sounded too arrogant. her voice sounded as if she’s gonna kill me right up there. as i expected she instructed me to make food for whole family. disapointingly i headed towards the kitchen and there were many random thoughts scrolling in my mind, “i am not able to recognize myself”, “its just not me”, “i am not  the one who would rather be here, i am lost somewhere”.

the same day i called my mother but she just kept telling me that its the only thing good for me. i am even more frustrated now. i ran out of that strangers house, leaving my husband behind, heading towards a whole new life with just a small sum of money n my pocket. i slammed the door and as i passed the street, i really felt free and seems like i got wings. i realized that now i am living my life and a woman could live without a man, can stand by herself.

Anonymous, New York