Story #304

There was once a one-eared cat who liked to buy everything double
He started small and soon enough it become a real treasure
First it was a pair of trousers
He was so delighted
But how can he stop now?
So he bought one pair of jeans and another of cotton
should he stop now? No way! he must match a shirt
Can you guess what came next?
Of course you guessed! he bought another shirt
He could not decide a red or blue
and then he remembered, it’s not even a dilemma
right away he put the two of them in the cart
and because he was right next to the socks
how can he refuse to buy them both?
When he was done shopping, he had a full closet
and then it hit him – I also need a new fridge
He went and bought a small and a large one, just in case!
one minute after he thought: “I want a table too!”
on and on, not stopping shopping
He bought more and more, he was enjoying the moment
Then something wonderful happened
He saw beautiful toys he really, really wanted
Immediately took them and ran to the cashier
The cashier told him politely this you cannot have
You spend too much and there wasn’t any money left
What can he do now? it is the  one thing he really cared for
Sat and wiped and a little light lit
the solution is right here
He sold any item he had
and finally he could have what he really wanted
he was happy to have these two little toys.
He doesn’t have a pair of socks but his heart is full of joy.

Yaarit Stern, Tel Aviv