Story #301

Cat and Dog were sitting on a hill looking up at the stars on a warm summers evening. There was a gentle breeze and the fresh air filled their lungs with contentment.

They began reminiscing about their long-standing friendship and how they overcame so many adversities through their lives, as well as becoming such great friends in the face of the usual stereotypical naysayers who consistently negated the “strange” bond they shared.

After much deliberation, they both calmly looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile, then they said nothing, and just sat there in silence enjoying the clear night sky, speckled with the most amazingly bright pin pricks of distant stars, and the fresh country air.

Eventually after what seemed like a welcomed eternity of peaceful silence, Cat turned to Dog with a grin stretching from ear to ear and said: “I wish it would rain, really really hard” to which Dog replied, “Yeah, me too.”

They both began laughing hysterically and uncontrollably, so much so that they toppled over on their backs and they just laughed… and laughed…

and laughed, and laughed some more…

Michael, Durban, South Africa