Story #296

Came the Thursday – came Big Tony
Through the doors with knife and fork
‘Make some room and take my order,
2 hundred hash browns and a whole roast pork’

It started as a novelty idea
to promote our gaff and make some talk
‘Eat the lot and for you it’s free
from snout to tail, a whole roast pork’

At first we thought we had succeeded
In through the doors customers would walk
But that soon ended when we met Big Tony
and he uttered the words ‘Whole. Roast. Pork’

It took 3 hours until he’d finished
’Oh my days. No way’ I’d bawk
But after inspection of the table
nothing remained of the whole roast pork

Now he returns every Thursday
People do come but only gawk
through the window at big Tony
biting the neck of a whole roast pork

– James Brewer, London