Story #292

The House of Folklore is a brain child of a girl in her mid twenties on a summer early morning at 2am working in front of her architectural office desk in Hong Kong. Struck upon a philanthropic thought, ‘why am I doing this? Is this job meaningful enough to make it a lifetime career?’

The very next day she was ready to put down her papers and decided to explore what she loved best art and culture. She envisioned a brand where every piece would have a story to tell. She wanted to bring together a team of designers who would be as passionate as she is to bring life to her thoughts. From there grew a team of designers, artists and artisans who passionately work in each of the products and help breathe life into them. The team believes the products that come out of The House of Folklore brand are definitely worthy of being passed on to the next generation and not a mere keepsake.