Story #291 – How to catch a shark

I got a letter from my six year old nephew the other day. Amongst other things he asked: “How do you catch a shark?”. Well, we have a couple of options.

Option 1: try to fish it. Which can be a bit tricky since you don’t know for sure what bait to use. I mean, some sharks love pastries, some eat only Mc Donalds and then there’s the occasional vegetarian shark.

Option 2: use a net.

The tricky part here is that you always manage to get a lot of extra stuff in the net in addition to the shark. And no one is happy when the electric eel gets loose in your boat.

Option 3:

Challenge the classic options of fishing and netting your pray and think outside the box!

The tricky part here is that most trapping gear is made for above water use. But if you want to catch a really, really slow shark lasso could work!

The real question is: what would you do with a shark if you finally caught one?

Option 1 would be to keep it in some kind of aquarium. Tricky to find one big enough though.

Option 2: eat it.

Might be tricky because:

1. it’s hard to find a big enough sauce pan.

2. what kind of seasoning goes best with shark? Thyme? Salt? Pepper? How much? Until the shark sneezes twice?

3. the shark might not appreciate it.

Option 3: teach it to do tricks!

Might get boring when the shark has eaten all the audience and won’t fit through the rings anymore. And a shark on a diet is anything but pleasant.

If I’d catch a shark I’d go for it’s heart. If you manage to befriend a shark you’ve made a friend for life. And what a friend! Sharks make the best donuts, never cheat on board games and know where to find every adventure of the sea.

Bring raspberry lemonade, it might help.