Story #290

Responsibility. So often lately have I found myself wondering about that word. The true meaning of it. Is it a responsibility to finish things you’ve started? Or is that just something that are expected of you?

Recently I took a test. Myer-Briggs-Type-Indicator. MBTI. It was really accurate. My personality is described as gentle, smart, easy-going and tender. I have the ability to make friends easy and people always can rely on me. And one of my greatest features are starting projects and come up with amazing ideas.

But as we all know, there’s two sides of a coin. The backside of mine is that though I am really good at making good ideas and start projects, I can’t really follow through. I am a great leader, who can distribute an idea or a project between other people to get it done. But if I’m alone in it, then I usually never follow through.

For example, my projectlist (with %-ish completement):

Learning Finnish 2%
Learning Italian 1%
Get my masseuse-training done 90%
Finish my medicine ground course 5%
Make a Link-quilt 95%
Spring/winter/summer/autumn-clean the house 20%
Knit a sweater 80%
Build a bookcase 5%

And it just keeps going…


Instead of finishing all the things above, I start something new. I buy a colouring book for grownups, and refuse to stay inside the lines and paint all over the lines (just because I can). I solve crosswords. Everyday I watch Food Factory on Discovery Science at 5.43 P.M to learn everything I can.

Responsibility. Is it a responsibility to get all these things done?

Or is responsibility the utterly, define, sweet, heart aching love for people? For all the small children of “mine”? Of being a godmother?

I sit and wonder, while I continuing to knit on a babyblanket.

Matilda, Tavelsjö