Story #281

There are lot’s of benefits to being a tern. You get to spend the whole day by the sea and do really cool flying tricks, like hovering in one place and crash diving. And you get to eat yummy fish as fresh as they get.

But there are responsibilities, too. You have to take care when you dish out good luck. If you hit a human with your poop, that means good luck and not everybody deserves the good luck the terns can bring about with their air strikes.

But I know that we do.

One day I was walking along the beach in Fårö admiring the seastacks… and thinking of you. I must have wandered into the feeding ground of the terns. One of them hit me right on the chin! It was a really warm and wet bit of poop with a fishy smell. Yuck!

And that’s when I knew you would be alright.

– Martin Camitz, Stockholm