Story #256

Ours is a love story began with the dating request came from my side as a girl .
Anyway i think that i did the best to win his heart lol …
We ‘ve dated for  7 years and married last May.
We had to wait for each other for long years because we were living in different cities in Turkey, anyhow after all troubles and losts we had , we broke up and i’ve never thought that we can get together again in the future.

But i guess Love doesnt listen what it see or what it had.

So one day he send that ” Hi !, Whats up ? ” message and our story continued from the point where we left , with more maturity and joy .

Now we are following our dreams, the dreams we made together.
We’r travelling and doing many extreme sports together.
We are eating and getting fatter and fatter together 🙂
We are plannig to have a sailboat and  go for a world  tour, we will see if we can do 🙂
I’m so happy to follow my heart i know in the future i will be a mermaid and we will live in the oceans with my baby dolphin..

– Gizem Divitçioğlu, Istanbul