Story #238

I am working on ships as a captain and my wife never used to stay seperate to eachother. One time i am on the roads to join the ship and it was really hard to leave her behind. When i almost come to the city where i join the ship, my company called me about ship already sailed and there is no chance to catch the ship and i can go back to the home. I was very happy to miss the ship and go back to my wife. I bought a ticket but didn’t say anything to my wife. She was very sad and missed me. I was on my home early morning time and i waited her near to the way which she used to go to work. She was walking and seemed really sleepy. I called at her “hey lady can you help me over there?” She turned back angrily but when she saw me she was very surprised and started to scream and run to me. She jumped on me and I catched her and kiss her.

– Ilkay, Izmir