Story #23

Once upon a time there was a girl, a girl who didn’t know what to be in the world. Every day she did wonder, about which profession that wasn’t a blunder. One time she thought of being a cashier, but there’s a world between that and the thought of a being soldier. She grew up among books so it’s obvious she should be a librarian, but she loves the sea so maybe she could be a longshoreman? But a love for helping people can make you a psychologist, but that’s nothing if you compare to design houses and be an architect. She could arrange and fix things as a gardener, but then again she might as well be a welder. She could help people as a doctor, or swim in the sea as a diver. All these thoughts about what to do with her life, maybe she should just become a housewife? As a little girl, when people asked what she would want to be in the world, she smiled and said “A rockstar, and a princess if I get time over”, but now that’s nothing that appeals to her. All these questions what to do with her life makes her sad, and the only person she would like to ask advice from is her dad.