Story #222

Days went by. She still had not believed it. But she could deeply feel her heart cracking. She could feel a hole, the size of her melancholia, being shaped in her heart. She had not yet believed what he had turned into, what he had done to her. But she had forgiven him, long long ago. She even missed him. A day wouldn’t go by for her, without thinking of him for hours. She went over every single memory, good or bad. She relived every moment of their old times with every little part of her soul.

“What happened?” She would ask herself, “When did it all began?” she would ask herself, not believing it yet. She dreams of him all night long. “Where is he now? Who is he sharing himself with? How can he be smiling without me?” She asks those photos, Ah! Those photos.

She still cannot believe it, yet she is still so hopeful. She has faith in him. “He would come back” she thinks, “He will realize who he really is. He will realize they don’t deserve even one moment of him. He will come  back and make up for everything. He will come back, running to me, to hold me like when I was a baby. His baby girl. His cherry loving baby girl. He will come back and stare at me like he used to”. “He will come back” she repeats like a mantra. “He will come back”, she believes with every bit of her being,

“He will come back.”

Helia, Calgary, AB, Canada