Story #196

at first
we were both in it together
teetering on the edge,
and you wanted to pull back, you were scared
but in the end, we took that terrifying, exhilarating leap together
falling down a seemingly endless chasm
full of possibilities
side by side
and im sorry that i had a moment of weakness
sorry that i looked back up at the sky
sorry that i opened that parachute and slowed myself down but in the end i still chose to cut the strings and keep falling with you
and always always always we had each other in our sights
each blurry terrifyingly dizzy moment of free fall
and then all of a sudden i couldn’t see you
couldn’t hear you
wasn’t sure if you were still with me
and then i saw that you grabbed that ledge and held on tight

leaving me

to hit bottom


Cynthia, Vienna