Story #190

Once upon in ‘The Land of W’,  a Skull-spider was walking down a street.  The Skull-spider bumped into a Balkabear.  Baklabears hate physical contact, and this Baklabear was carrying a hot drink that spilled all over him.  “Kismah!” shouted the Baklabear, in his native language, Balkavese. “Ju teshnak yoi reuto!” The Skull-spider backed away slowly, knowing that and angry Baklabear is not a thing you want to hang around. The Baklabear charged at the poor Skull-spider.  A passing Kappa noticed the struggle, and used his magic Kappa powers to set back time.  Then, the Kappa lifted the Skull-spider in the air right before the Skull-spider bumped into the Baklabear.  After the Balkabear passed, the Kappa put the Skull-spider down, and all was well in ‘The Land of W’.