Story #188

This is a story written by a group of 3 year olds from Silicon Valley

One Fall night on a dark street, there was a spooky house.  Someone was walking inside the spooky house with their dog.  Another family went into the spooky house and their baby started to cry. The baby cried because there was a ghost, so mommy and daddy helped the baby by giving the baby some milk.  The family inside the spooky house went outside to climb the mountain because the baby’s blanket was at the edge of the mountain.  Then the family went back down the mountain to go back inside the house. The baby went back to sleep with its blankie.  After the baby went to sleep, the mom and dad worked at home and the sister went to bed, too.  Mom and dad worked on a computer and send emails to people and the ghost.  It said, “No ghost coming inside the house.”  Then, the ghost was sad when he read the email because he liked to visit the family.   And then, the ghost was really really really sad because he liked to visit the house because he was nice ghost. The ghost send the family a message, and it said, “Come to my house, there’s something I want you to see.” So, the next day, the family went to the ghost’s house to see his new toy.  The end.