Story #187 – Teacher’s Last Day

“At the base of the shaft here is where the penis will fall off.” The teacher points to the described area on his own exposed penis. “That is, of course, after the foreskin rots away.” He stretches his foreskin to show the class. “So that is why you don’t ever want to have sex.” The teacher adjusts his glasses. “Any questions?” The classroom is empty. The teacher fixes his stare upon the ground and whispers, “right” in a despairing breath. He walks to the door, takes one last look at the classroom, heaves a doleful sigh, and flicks the light off. He walks down the hallway quivering as the memories of the year hit him. His steps grow heavier and slower as he approaches the exit. He exhales another grand sigh as he stands at the exit. This year’s graduating class is the best he has ever seen. He opens the door. He lights his last cigarette as he walks out of the school. He comes to his car and smiles. A student key’d his car and gratified “fuck you poop brainz” on his windshield. “Those mischievous kids,” runs through his mind. He cannot force down his smile. He walks down to the market, puffing the last of his cigarette as he enters the door. He goes to the counter and asks for a pack of cigarettes. The clerk says, “I’m sorry buddy, I can’t help you.” Taken aback, the teacher takes a moment to regain his senses. “What was that?” “I said that I can’t help you.” The teacher pauses for a moment, a confused look invades his face. He begins to tentatively thumb through his wallet for his license. “No, I can tell that you’re old enough to buy cigarettes. I can’t sell you anything because you walked into my store with your stinky, old cock out.” Embarrassed the teacher quickly stuffs his penis back into his pants. “Oh, geeze, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I just came from sex ed. I teach it and, um, to model it for the kids, I, well, ummm, I show the kids my phallus.” The clerk raises an eyebrow. “You’re cock looked pretty well intact.” The clerk chuckles. A kid yells out, “yeah, nice dick, virgin!” The teacher’s face flushes with embarrassment. The clerk unbuckles his pants and exposes a large, purple scab between his legs, festering with infection. The kid and the teacher look on with amazement. The kid runs his fingers around where the clerk’s penis once was. “Wow.”

– Matt Lutz