Story #183

Once upon a time there was a skinny, dark haired, girl who grew up very unhappy.  Her family didn’t love her and they treated her badly.  No matter what she did it wasn’t good enough.  They didn’t give her hugs, and praise.  They didn’t make her laugh or feel special.  She had a skinny, light haired middle sister and a skinny, dark haired little sister.  She tried to protect them as if she were their mother and father.

She grew up to be someone who liked to make people happy so they wouldn’t feel like she did inside.  She made them feel loved, made them laugh, made them feel special, especially her sisters.

One day she met her dark haired knight in shining armor.  He had a loving family who made her understand what a family should be.  He made her very happy, made her laugh a lot, and made her feel as if she were the most special person in the world.

They got married but after lots of tries they couldn’t have their own dark haired children.  This upset them very much until they realized that they could love each other, make others feel loved, make others laugh, and make others feel special.

Once they realized this hey lived HAPPILY ever after.