Story #179

I was never really a popular girl. When i was 12, i had a really small class ( 5 boys and 4 girls including me), i had only one friend and she was a backstabber too. They made me feel useless and too poor to even live. My dad left us when i was just 6, he left me, my mom and my 2 brothers. One of my brothers is now an alcoholic.  I was only 14 when i was diagnosed with depression.

When i got 15 i changed schools. This one was even worse than the last one. They were all rich ass people. No one understood that my mom had to have 2 jobs just to keep a roof over our head. (Thank god schools are free in Estonia). A year later i met a girl, who was just like me. She had 2 brothers and lonely mom too. We are best friends now. She is just amazing. I’m 18 now, i have to work after school to earn my money and help my mom. I have no friends other than Her and few of my “internet pals”. People still stay away from me ’cause i don’t have as much money as they do and i can’t wear new outfit everyday. I’m too quiet ’cause i’m afraid to get judged. I have no idea how to end this letter haha. Thank you for reading my story.

– Kaisa, Estonia