Story #151

Holy friend I thought to myself, what will I do about this whole situation, it’s way too dangerous to stay but what will everyone else think? We, leaving this settlement while everyone else believes we have lied this whole time. But we didn’t die, did we? It’s the question my son poses me all the time, I don’t know why or how he would come to know this information, it should have been guarded by very few composed men.

My son, is my biggest creation of all time, it’s why they are so afraid because somewhere deep down, everyone knows he’s not human, he’s however too well created that he is a human by normal standards, just not concieved in the same way. He is what some would call a labrat of sorts.

Everything spins out and no one understands anything, what is happening and more importantly, why is it happening. Could everything just be layered into different universes or is it all by chance it rised from the nothingness or that of the big bang. What we do know is that we exist in a single timeline that has yet to be touched by any other entity or reality. Everything that is, is because of our behaviour, our choices and so on. Need I tell you what will happen if we do nothing, just idling, waiting for it to end. That would be the destructiveness that ends us all, leaving nothing but smithereens.

It kinda started with the gnak of the month, which later changed to days in which we feel confided in ourselved, but what were we to do else, ignore it? Ignoring humanity will slay us all, in the end, nature always wins. And if we don’t stop it fast, nature will show what we did wrong. Never to take it as a threat, we have already doomed ourselves by doing nothing but let sin control us, so ask yourself, was it really worth it, was it?