Story #121

It was my birthday, I was turning seven I believe. It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm and a nice breeze. Family and friends had gathered for me but probably most for the cakes. I received lots of breathtaking presents, everything unique in its own way but most importantly and my favorite one was the rainbow patterned vans. I was as happy as I could be, had never been happier about a pair of shoes, running around for hours afterwards.
The cakes, amazing as always when mother creates them, no one is left hungry.
Some time after hell erupts from underneath clenching my body, psychologically breaking me, we could also call it first day of school. I walk in proud of myself and everything I am. I’m shy, small and don’t really know that many people. The second everyone sees my shoes I’m put in the ground by everyone’s words, one of the worst days of my life. That day I never put those shoes back on.